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Common Human Etiquette: Lesson #2011 Proper Boo Usage

Fridays are supposed to be fun, right!? Unfortunately, we’re having a hard time enjoying ourselves with this tiny nugget we can’t unsee or unhear: 

And now presenting a video of small-minded douche turds  (takes deep breath) individuals, that booed out and proud gay soldier, Stephen Hill, at last night’s GOP debate. 

We know. We can’t believe it either. 

But alas, as naturally forgiving people, we’re going to give those small-minded individuals douche tards the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they didn’t know how to use boo!? That’s a real possibility, right? Maybe boo usage wasn’t a part of their elementary school curriculum. Or maybe they’re from a country where boo is like a verbal high-five. Or maybe they were upset at the lack of HD quality video. Or maybe Boo Radley was there, and they were trying to get his attention. These are all real possibilities.

However, to fend off any future misusage/miscommunication, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to develop a handy little guide to help everyone know when and where to use a disapproving boo. Right click, save as “wisdom,” control P that shit and put it in your pocket. 

For laminated pocket versions, please email us at, and tell us the last time you used boo appropriately.